Our eye is on worldwide market development, as a member who takes the part of responsibility for the world economy

We always provide you a speedy and optimal service, with an integrated production system from sales to a design, manufacturing and after-sale service.

Sales Department

A Business that Customers Can Trust

We consider our mission is to provide a system of high quality and cost performance that meets customers' demands.
In order to make that happen, we put high priority on collecting basic information such as what purpose, in what environment, and how our system is used by our customers. Our wish is for our high quality products, which are created based on customer's voices, to be of great help for many customers.
We will respond to your requests with concerted efforts of all our branches and affiliate agencies of home and abroad.

Engineer Department

Ability to respond promptly

This department provides customer support in order that customer' s system operates safely and steadily. In installing a new system, we dispatch our staff to the site, give instructions for proper installation, piping and wiring, and deliver the system to the customer after the final operation test. As for other systems already in operation, we provide regular maintenance and inspection services and swiftly head to the site to restore the system in case of any emergent problems.

Design Department

Deck Machinery Systems that Meet Customer's Needs

We will maintain our reputation as a "reliable manufacture," which has been created through our long business history and achievements, combine our unique know-hows and new ideas, and continue to create products that are in line with the trend of the time. We will also provide development and design consultants to meet customer's demand for developing new products.

System Design Department
This department is in charge of the development of hydraulic control system, electric control system, winch, and others. We always try to translate our users' demands into the products and continuously improve them. Remote control system, which is increasingly demanded these days, and various other advanced control system and automation system are our specialty fields.
Manufacturing Design Department
Received orders of winches and other devices are all manufactured based on the custom-made designs. Exploiting know-hows nurtured through our long business history on this field, we provide designs that suit the needs and requirements of our customers.

Manufacture Department

Improve the product quality

As the needs in the market become increasingly varied and the high quality products are much demanded, the Manufacture Department aims to provide high quality products to customers as swiftly as possible. From designing, manufacturing to testing, all manufacturing processes take place at Shimonoseki Factory, which is fully equipped with equipment for machining, welding, fabrication, testing, and etc.