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Company History

Company History

October 1963 Established Uchida Sangyo Co., Ltd. Fukuoka Branch in 2, Minato, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City. Launched the sales and repair of hydraulic machines for stern trawlers.
December 1971 “Uchida Marine Hydraulics Co., Ltd.” was established as the representative of marine market of Uchida Hydraulic Group, with capital supports by Uchida Hydraulics Mfg Co., Ltd. and Uchida Sangyo Co., Ltd. (capital: 10 million yen).
March 1974 Built Nagasaki Workshop to establish the after-sales service network for stern trawlers and purse seiners in the Nagasaki Area.
December 1974 Launched Ishinomaki Service Center as the base office of the Tohoku Area.
May 1976 Relocation and reconstruction of the head office building in 3, Minato, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City. Launched Choshi Service Center.
September 1981 Built Ishinomaki Service Center and workshop. Expanded marketing and maintenance service areas for deck machineries in the Tohoku and Hokkaido Areas.
October 1982 Invested in "Nihon Kosakusho Co., Ltd.", a winch manufacturer, to make it a subsidiary and started business as a manufacturer.
April 1984 Entered to the single type purse seiner market (Taiwan).
December 1989 Increased capital to 30 million yen.
January 1990 Started to expand sales for working vessels such as purse seiners and stern trawlers.
June 1990 Launched Yaizu Office.
February 1994 Launched Kansai Office.
December 1999 Untied the capital ties with Uchida Oil Hydraulics Mfg Co., Ltd.
March 2000 Changed company name from "Uchida Marine Hydraulics Co., Ltd." to "Marine Hydrotec Co., Ltd."
January 2001 Merged "Nihon Kosakusho Co., Ltd.", our wholly owned subsidiary, to start as a truly comprehensive marine hydraulic supplier.
October 2001 Acquired ISO 9001: 2000 certification.
March 2007 Toshifumi Ide inaugurated as President.
March 2010 Yaizu Office changes its name to East Japan Branch and built a new office and workshop.
March 2011 Received investment from SBIC West Japan Co., Ltd, and increased capital to 60 million yen.
Ishinomaki Service Center Office and workshop completely destroyed due to the Great East Japan Earthquake.
October 2011 Ishinomaki Service Center Office and workshop rebuilt at the same location.
January 2012 Established joint company with QINGDAO B-GIANT E&P ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. China.
April 2014 Launch Choshi service center maintenance factory and office in Kamisu city, Ibaraki prefecture.
December 2014 Established TAIWAN MARIN HYDROTEC CO.,LTD. and launch maintenance factory in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
March 2015 Closed Kansai office.

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Technological Development History

October 1977 Launched the development of our own brand winches.
August 1978 Developed the new hydraulic trawl winches for 125G/T, 349G/T and 499G/T stern trawlers.
December 1978 Developed an energy-saving hydraulic system "RING MAIN SYSTEM".
October 1985 Developed back tension towing winches for tugboats.
July 1986 Developed "HIGH POWER CRANE” for purse seiners.
April 1987 Developed the ring main type fishing equipment for purse seiner.
January 1989 Developed "NET FLEX" for purse seiners to contribute to manpower and energy saving largely for purse seining.
June 1990 Developed spooling device to avoid tension of ropes of tugboats.
December 1992 Developed "ROPE CARRIER" for towing winches of tugboats.
December 1994 Developed a device for connecting pusher boats and barge.
December 1999 Started the manufacture of hydraulic system for movable bridge.
July 2000 Developed ship-fixing equipment for small boats.
November 2003 Started the manufacture of hydraulic power unit for supply vessel.
June 2004 Developed “ASSIST ROLLER” for overseas purse seiners.
February 2007 Delivered a frequency controlled electrical winch system for passenger ferry boats.
July 2007 Developed an automatic lock system for folding type shifter for large size winches.
March 2009 Delivered hydraulic fishing machinery and system for 760G/T purse seiners.
May 2010 Developed "SCOOPLEX" for 698G/T fishing training vessel.
July 2010 Delivered 50ton x type 2 raising and lowering winch for deep mixing barge.
October 2010 Developed a new net hauler “DELTA WINDER” for purse seiners.
April 2012 Delivered hydraulic system for 199G/T pacific saury stick-held dip net boats.
December 2012 Developed an energy-saving system for purse seiners.
December 2013 Developed cable laying machinery for 299G/T submarine cable laying ship.
March 2015 Delivered load sensing system and monitoring system to purse seiners.
March 2016 Delivered load sensing system to set netters.
July 2016 Developed cable laying machinery for 8000G/T submarine cable laying ship.
May 2017 Delivered trawl winch system for 199G/T salmon and trout trawlers.
January 2018 Developed "DELTA WINDER" for small purse seiners.